Two Years

I’ve seen the sun set behind a cactus in Arizona
I’ve gone caving in Québec
I’ve flown over the Rocky Mountains
I’ve eaten sushi in Victoria
I’ve driven on the Pacific Coast Highway
I’ve walked on Hollywood Boulevard
I’ve hit a ball in Dodgers Stadium
I’ve been tattooed on the Sunset Strip
I’ve skinny-dipped in Lake Ontario
I’ve seen white villages on the Andalusia Mountains
I’ve swam in the Mediterranean along the Costa-del-Sol
I’ve climbed the Rock of Gibraltar
I’ve watched a crescent moon rise over the Atlas Mountains
I’ve seen the Liffey and the Thames
I’ve worked at a café in Belgravia
I’ve run 10k through the Chiltern Hills
I’ve had Guinness and oysters in Dublin
I’ve seen sun-sparkles on the Atlantic from an airplane window
I’ve said goodbye to you

~ c.p.grisold

© 2010