Creativity Unlocked

The signature reflexive writing workshop
from IGCo. customized to meet your needs!

Creativity Unlocked at the 2019 NorthWords Writers Festival, Yellowknife NWT / Samantha Stuart Photography, Inc.

Join facilitator Carolyn Grisold, M.A., PhD (Candidate) for a guided self-reflective writing workshop.

In these live (in person or online), encouraging and interactive workshops, participants learn how to use the expressive art of reflexive writing to unlock their creativity and get to know themselves better. Everyone is welcome – those who identify as writers and those who don’t!

We’ll discuss key concepts such as the history of therapeutic writing and healing benefits of creativity, as well as engage in freewrites, introspective questionnaires and group discussions. Participants will take away handouts, form new perspectives, and perhaps even re-discover old curiosities. The benefits of reflexive writing include personal and professional growth, and the practice can be especially beneficial for preventing workplace burnout.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko

Interested in offering a Creativity Unlocked workshop to your team or group?

Customized to address the needs of your organization, these workshops incorporate writing therapy resources such as Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, Gillie Bolton’s The Writer’s Key, Reinekke Lengelle’s Writing for Wellbeing, and Byron Katie’s “The Work.”

Reflexive writing is an expressive art that is accessible and gets results. A great way to inspire your work team with a creative lunch-n-learn, help your writers’ group move through blocks, or balance your community’s action with some reflection.

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