Bottled Poetry

Enhance your winery’s special events
with this customizable poetry workshop!

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Book an accessible, interactive & fun poetry workshop at your winery or vineyard! Your guests will discover how to turn tasting notes into a poem!

In this customizable workshop, participants will be guided through a tasting of your wines by one of your staff, after which an Innings Gate Co. facilitator will show everyone how they can turn those notes into a poem – with no writing experience required.

Wine is bottled poetry.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

A “Bottled Poetry” workshop is a fun way to infuse creativity into your special events offerings in any season. We will use purposeful self-reflective (also known as “reflexive”) writing practice to craft poetry that unlocks creativity and promotes wellbeing. Participants do not need to share their work unless they want to, and writing will never be judged. No experience is required; all guests need is pen and paper – you provide the wine.

What is reflexive writing?

Reflexive, or purposeful self-reflective, writing is based on the expressive art of therapeutic writing (like art therapy, but with words!). Poetry, with its concise and image-based structure, is one of the most healing forms of writing therapy. Participants will learn why writing is a healing tool and how we can all use it. This class is not about writing well, but about using writing for well-being. That being said, remember that writing can unlock deep emotion; this class is not meant to replace professional therapy.

Please note this is a 19+ workshop. All IGCo. workshops take place in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Facilitated by Carolyn Grisold, M.A., Innings Gate Co.’s reflexive writing workshops have been running since 2014. Carolyn’s graduate studies focused on using reflexive writing as a way to help prevent workplace burnout, and there are many other benefits to this expressive art – such as rejuvenating our inner artist, developing a sanctuary through regular creative practice or simply finding more joy in daily life.

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